Are tile roofs difficult to get installed?


When using trained professionals like those at Denver Tile Roofing LLC, installing tile roofs are one of the simplest systems to install. Installation and maintenance costs in the long run are much lower than other roofing materials.

Are tile roofs fire safe?

Tile that are made from concrete and class have a Class A fire rating and will not catch fire or burn. They are non-combustible and maintain this rating throughout their entire lifetime without any required additional treatments.

If my tile roof is old, damaged, or starts leaking is it necessary for me to get brand new tile?

It is not necessarily required that you replace your tile roof if it is damaged, starts leaking, or is old; most tile roofs can be restored or repaired. If these are options, you are interested in exploring repairing or restoring your tile roof you must locate a matching replacement and contract a qualified roofing contractor like Denver Tile Roofing to replace your tile.
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Is tile roofing more susceptible to damage by hail?


In some cases, the most violent of storms all types of roofing materials are destroyed. However, in most cases with typical hail storms averaging 2” diameter hail or less other roofing materials have had to be completely replaced where only 10% of the tiles on a tile roof were damaged and needed replacement.

What is a "lift-and-relay"?

One pro of using tile roofing is its ability to be reused. The term most often used in terms of re-usability is “lift-and-relay”; this is where the tile is evaluated and inspected, and upon the tile being in good condition the roofer may take the original tile off the roof, simply put down new felts, and then places that same tile back on the roof. This method can effectively help save customers money.


When to replace or repair your tile roof and things to consider beforehand.

*The first thing to consider before replacing or repairing your tile is to examine the tile, if more than 50% of the tile on your roof is broken or cracked a full replacement is recommended and most cost effective. *Next, examine the condition of the underlayment, the underlayment system is of vital importance in keeping your roof watertight. If the tile is still good but the underlayment fails, a roofer with perform a “lift-and-relay.” *The final thing to consider is the status of the penetration flashings and flashing systems. These must be checked to determine the remaining service life. If found in good condition, you may simply repair the damaged tiles adding more life expectancy to your existing tile roof. 

How well does tile roofing stand up against weather and other natural occurring events?


Tile Roofing can stand up to rain, high winds, snow or freezing and thawing cycles without damage; they are also resistant to insect damage and rot. 


Is tile roof good for insulation?


Yes, tile roofs have great insulation qualities. The “air space” between the tiles allows for better air circulation and reduces the transfer of heat which can help keep your home cooler in the summer.

Is tile roofing more expensive than other roofing materials?

In comparison to other roofing materials; concrete tile roofs cost two times more than wood shakes, three times more than heavy weight asphalt shingles and cost much less than slate. However, when considering long-term, tile is a much more cost-effective choice. Clay roof tiles cost slightly more than concrete but compared to other roofing materials, both clay and concrete can outlast the life of the structure.

Are tile roofs easy or difficult to maintain?

Tile roofs require minimal maintenance; roofing systems require some sort of maintenance but under normal conditionals tile roofs are easy to maintain.

Are tile roofs energy efficient?

Tile roofs are very energy efficient, they can actually aid in lowering what you will pay for your air conditioning. Whereas other roofing materials directly absorb heat before entering the home tile roof allows greater levels of ventilation.

How long does it take to find a tile if you can identify it?

Some searches can be completed as soon as an hour where as some tiles may take weeks or months to locate depending on the popularity of the roof tile. Denver Tile Roofing is very good at locating tile in a reasonable amount of time.

Do I get to pick the color?

Of course, prior to the tile roof installation on your home Denver Tile Roofing LLC will go over color options with you to find one that best fits your personal style and the color of your home.


What makes Tile the better choice over other roofing products?


Tile has great durability and aesthetic qualities. It provides protection from natural elements and is a long-lasting roofing solution for many. Its aesthetic qualities include its curb appeal and ability to add beauty to any home or project. It comes in numerous color finishes and styles with the ability to complement any architectural style you may have. 


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